AI Agent for Human Resource

Created by team Toasted on April 29, 2023

HR-GPT is a tool that small businesses can use to improve their HR procedures and support their remote workers. The AI agent provides information related to HR policies (onboarding information, employee handbook, IT services, etc..). It is designed to help businesses stay compliant with HR standards without the need for a substantial HR department or expertise. One of the key benefits of the app is that it provides remote workers with quick access to important information. This includes updates on company policies and procedures, time-off requests, payroll information, and employee benefits. By using the app, remote workers can stay connected with their colleagues and the company, even if they are not physically present in the workplace. The app is easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business. Admins can quickly load new documents into the agent through Slack's slash command, directly in Slack.

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"Super cool idea & implementation. Love the idea to directly integrate it into Slack! Great work!"


Fabian Stehle

Dev at NN

"This is a super cool tool that uses Langchain and GPT agents to tackle everyday HR challenges for small businesses and remote workers. With its easy-to-understand presentation and awesome business value, it's ready to rock the world of HR by standardizing practices and making processes smooth as butter! Sure, the idea isn't entirely groundbreaking, but it's got a fresh spin by zeroing in on the unique needs of small businesses and those working from home. Awesome work!!"


Nate Rundberg

Slingshot Project Coordinator