Weekend wonders

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Created by team The Pizza Waffles on April 30, 2023

We replicated our friend Sophie. A super mum and super planner. All her weekends are packed with fun and creative family activities. How does she manage to pull that off? Where does she find the time and creativity? Enter Weekend Wonders. A simple weekend planner that helps discover delightful family weekend activities with the push of a button. As four geeky dads, we chained together large language models, weather API's and AI agents, to automate this discovery process. - Get tailored activities, based on your family profile and location. - Factor in the weather to plan the right activities and outfit. - Inject extra creativity in your typical activities. - Get real-time accurate info about open hours and prices. We'd also like to take it a step further, and get an AI agent to scour the web to automatically pull in relevant event info.

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