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Startups and venture capital firms have a lot of business system materials to define and generate. To name a few: -Create an LLC -Create articles of incorporation -Create an Operating Plan -Create a business plan -Conduct market analysis -Conduct Investment planning -Write up legal disclaimers, -Build a website landing page -Generate branding materials With ATLAS, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to build your startup’s business system materials from months to minutes. Signup, fill in the forms and let autonomous agents take care of the rest. Redirect more of your time toward developing and delivering the best product to your customers. ATLAS is an intuitively integrated autonomous agent system which uses Claude, OpenAI and llama_index. It performs searches based on a few target areas, including market analysis, investment prospects, scalability, sustainability and more. After the finalized data is generated, ATLAS will then generate the text and PDF for the document. Taking charge of business system materials generation, using data-driven AI, ATLAS generates exceptional business value for startups by freeing up more time (one of the most valuable assets for startup founders) and delivering valuable business system materials at a fraction of the traditional cost. There are currently no other apps which complete all of the business system materials generation tasks that ATLAS offers. ATLAS will transform the business system materials generation app space by functioning as an all-in-one solution to create the different business system materials required for a startup. Technology Tags: Anthropic Appwrite Astro cChardet ChatGPT ChromaDB FastAPI Fooocus Langchain Llama-hub Llama-index lxml Metaphor_python n8n Pydantic PyPDF R3f SentenceTransformers Svelte Trafilatura validators

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