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Created by team DoulAI on August 20, 2023

DoulAI is revolutionizing the maternity care landscape through the power of advanced artificial intelligence. Born out of a genuine concern for the stark disparities observed in maternal mortality rates, especially among marginalized communities, DoulAI serves as an accessible, comprehensive, and empathetic digital companion for all expecting individuals. Key Features: Chat with Doula: Our platform boasts a 24/7 AI-driven chatbot, affectionately termed as the digital doula. This self-servicing tool offers real-time assistance, answering queries related to pregnancy, physical and mental health, or simply providing company. Upholding strict confidentiality standards, this chat feature offers a sanctuary of support and comfort. Task and Calendar Integration: Pregnancy comes with its unique set of challenges, reminders, and tasks. Our integrated calendar simplifies this journey, allowing users to track ovulation, menstrual cycles, and critical trimesters. Using AI precision, we tailor personalized support systems that blend seamlessly into daily routines. AI-Generated Blog: Information, when accurate and timely, can empower. Our AI-curated blog features articles verified by licensed Obstetrician-gynecologists. From self-care and mental health insights to navigating the maze of maternity fashion, our content is both informative and engaging. DoulAI is not just an app; it's a movement. By democratizing access to quality maternal resources, we aim to bridge the gap in maternal healthcare. Our affordable pricing, coupled with multilingual support (available in over 90 languages), ensures that DoulAI resonates with its mission of inclusivity. Collaborations, like our ongoing partnership with UA of Little Rock Children International, underline our commitment to reaching the underprivileged and making a genuine difference. Since the video file load is not working here is the url to download (valid for 12 hours from now )

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"Love the project and the presentation is a banger!"


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