Created by team ThinkSync on June 03, 2023

ThinkSync is an innovative SaaS product designed to revolutionize team collaboration through the power of generative AI. The platform integrates the capabilities of the Claude 100k context API, which is designed to enhance communication and collaboration within teams by offering AI-assisted dialogues and interactions. The problem ThinkSync is addressing is clear: current Large Language Model (LLM) chatbot solutions are tailored for 1:1 interactions, leaving a significant gap in the market for team-based applications. Teams need a way to include their LLM as an active participant, generating insights and facilitating collaboration. Furthermore, generative AI output needs to be conveniently exportable to maximize its utility in a work environment. ThinkSync's solution involves transforming a familiar team chat interface—similar to the likes of Teams or Slack—into a collaborative AI-powered workspace. Users can easily add their own API keys and initiate interactions with the AI assistant, Claude, using the "/claude" command. This brings the power of generative AI into the heart of team conversations, making it an active participant rather than a passive tool. Beyond simply chatting with Claude, ThinkSync offers the ability to invite team members into the workspace, fostering a collective interaction with the AI. This collaborative AI engagement is further enhanced by the addition of Stable Diffusion Image Generation, opening up new possibilities for creative brainstorming and problem-solving. ThinkSync aims to expand the possibilities of generative AI by exploring and integrating other generative AI APIs into a plugin "store". The platform will also offer useful commands for specific objectives such as summarizing chats and creating action items, thereby boosting team productivity. Moreover, it plans to integrate with team management and scheduling APIs, providing a seamless and holistic solution for team collaboration.

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"Very creative idea! Your product has the potential to work as a stand-alone solution and also as an additional product for giants like Slack, Discord, and others. I'm excited to see how you guys will continue to improve this product and make it even more impactful. Best of luck on your journey!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green