Nano platinum antibacterial

Created by team Nano platinum antibacterial on May 30, 2023

AI technology can be used to model the use of nanoplatinum in antimicrobial applications. By analyzing the physical and chemical properties of nanoplatinum and its mechanisms of interaction with bacteria and human cells, the effectiveness of nanoplatinum in the treatment of bacterial infections can be predicted. Also, AI technology can use big data analysis to explore the optimal drug delivery of nanoplatinum and optimize its application route and dose to improve its efficacy and reduce adverse effects in patients. In addition, AI technology can be used to monitor and predict the drug metabolism and side effects of nanoplatinum to develop safer and more effective treatment plans. Through these applications, AI technology can greatly enhance the value of nanoplatinum in the field of antimicrobial applications.

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"I think that this project has great potential for the application of AI technology in the field of antimicrobial applications"


Theodoros Ampas

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"Very intriguing project! It would be great to have the presentation available in English as well."


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