Educational Technology

Created by team Info-Tech Technician Moose on May 26, 2023

I work educational technology, a problem we have currently is a influx of student devices being broken (we're not a one-to-one school, all devices are shared) without the knowledge of which school is causing the most damage in cost. With access to Claude, I'd like to implement a program with Claude to address this problem. I'd do this likely using excel/spreadsheet and a RFI board-tag tracking system. I've not brought this up to my boss in fear Claude may not be capable of such a feat- but I'm hoping with access and a bit of brain power, I can manage to get it to work. With Claude's assistance, my primary goal is to exchange the more expensive devices of trouble schools for lesser devices; Such as Lenovo Thinkpad 15's (L15s) that cost upward to ~$1000 a piece- I wish to find which school (and maybe classrooms) break the most of these and replace said devices with much cheaper alternatives. Chromebooks for example cost around ~$100, so in turn of one broken L15, it'd take 10 broken chromebooks until the price would match a broken L15s. My idea is to feed Claude a ton of information that we're in the process of getting and making Claude output more eligible and compact information. Maybe even use Claude to provide solutions with trouble schools/classrooms if they're capable of doing so.

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