RoomCap by Spacely AI

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Created by team Spacely AI on April 28, 2023

Problem: Improving one's quality of life is challenging and expensive, especially when it comes to home renovation. Most people lack the expertise needed to design their own living spaces, and it can be difficult to know which design theories to trust. Solution: Spacely AI offers personalized, on-demand recommendations to help people achieve a better quality of life through their living spaces. Our interior design expert AI utilizes trusted design principles and knowledge to provide tailored recommendations that fit each user's unique needs and preferences. With Spacely AI, you don't need to be an expert to create a beautiful, functional, and personalized living space that enhances your life.

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"Nice! I really like the idea, would be cool to see in the future also a picture version with mentioned subjects moved or implemented changes 🤩"


Liza Marchuk

"Awesome idea!! Something a lot of non-creative people could need. I also see a lot of potential in expanding features and I hope you keep running with this project!"


Nate Rundberg

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