Pdf Pilot

Created by team ReturnX on April 28, 2023

PDFPilot is a powerful AI-driven React web application that helps users find relevant answers to their questions from PDF documents. By utilizing advanced natural language processing techniques, the application can provide concise answers and highlight the exact location of the information within the PDF. This makes it a valuable tool for businesses and organizations that work with many handouts and often spend a lot of time going through them. PDFPilot was developed as a project during a hackathon and is an evolved prototype that we will continue to work on after the hackathon. We're very proud of what we've achieved so far and believe that PDFPilot represents a promising solution to the problem of time-consuming handout reviews.

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"Noone enjoys to scroll though hundreds of PDF pages. To find the relevant information in a conversational way is super usefull! I love it!"


Fabian Stehle

Dev at NN

"Not sure about business value as MVP, but definitely as extension for existing tools would be super useful 🚀 Great job!"


Liza Marchuk