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Created by team NowAK on February 24, 2023

Problem: We use different platforms for accessing various media formats. When come to the user, it is time-consuming, information-overload and quite frustrating. Now, if we move on to content creation, we need to access various platforms to post those content. It also has same limits. So why not create a platform that supports all media formats. With the AI, content creation, moderation, and recommendation becomes easier and effective to both user and creator. This is the main motive of Fusion.AI Newscribe is an AI-powered app that transcribes news videos into written blog posts, simplifying content creation for bloggers and news writers. It demonstrates on how AI can be used in content creation and moderation. It has two interface 1. Home 2. Creator 1. Home - For this demo I've integrated it with a firstpost news channel in youtube. This provides the content. The transcript is send to OpenAI to generate the Blog post also to DallE to generate the image. OpenAI is also used in extracting the keywords and also its details. 2. Creator - This is specifically curated for content creators. Here the creator is able to create content like blog post, generated images.thumbnails and generate tweets. The demo application is build with OpenAI, DallE, TwitterAPI and Streamlit.

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"Great use of technology, and very nice approach to the user journey and user interface. I think the product would solve a major business issue for Content creator’s and companies. At the same time, there are other tools on the market that for Phil similar goals, potentially not as comprehensive as this one. The presentation lacks a business model and market size information. Great work for a solar rider although I think you’ll need to gather gofounders that have specific subject knowledge expertise around the media industry."


Pawel Czech


" Newscribe app seems to have a clear focus on solving the problem of time-consuming and frustrating content creation by consolidating all media formats into one platform powered by AI. The use of OpenAI, DallE, TwitterAPI, and Streamlit to create the two interfaces, Home and Creator, provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for both bloggers and news writers. The app's ability to transcribe news videos into written blog posts and generate images and tweets is impressive and can help streamline the content creation process. However, it would be helpful to have more information on how the app's AI algorithms work to ensure accuracy and avoid biases in content creation. Overall, I would rate this application a 4 out of 5 for its innovative approach to content creation and ease of use for both users and creators"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor