Created by team MyHistoryAI on February 24, 2023

We want to work on building genealogy information leveraging the generative AI of transformers. Through that we want to take word of mouth and written history and develop family connections. Using transformers we want to take in a plane text prompt about how your family is structured and then build it in a computer readable structure to build out tree and other graphics detailing the information about family given. Through this, and in the future, we want to have a way to keep up to date your family connections and connections hidden in the archives of government and estates. Genealogy is a hard task to keep up on and we are building tools to make that easier and fun.

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"Super clear value proposition. Need to build team as solo. Clear model and clear B2B client set with Ansestry, 23 and me etc. Simple technology use, but can expand easily to graphics generation in real time. "


Pawel Czech