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Created by team MaverickAI on February 24, 2023

One of our team members has his workshop on the outskirts of his city where they have no mobile data coverage. That's when we identified a problem in his community… and suddenly, we realized this was a much bigger project than we first thought! All existing AI tools require access to the internet but internet connection is limited for developing countries, particularly in rural communities. MaverickAI's purpose is to democratize and improve knowledge gathering, in two key ways: Firstly, we deploy an AI QnA bot via an SMS service, which allows users without access to the internet to get up to date information from the internet. Furthermore, we aim to provide a competitive alternative to traditional search, with an AI bot summarizing and presenting accurate information in a digestible manner. Finally, AI also remove the manual customer service and thus makes the service cost effective and viable to provide. Using MaverickAI, our users will save money and time, being able to solve problems fast and efficiently. They will also gain access to information any time with no internet connection, enabling them to use AI to add value to their lives. Let's use AI as a beacon to build a bright and more inclusive future!

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"I really like the use of multiple models. Targeting emerging markets and inclusivity of all user layers is a unique value proposition. There should be significant interest both from NGO’s end, government agencies who don’t want to leave certain demographics behind in the AI revolution overall five stars for me."


Pawel Czech


"MaverickAI is a commendable project that addresses a significant issue in rural communities where internet access is limited. By deploying an AI QnA bot via SMS, it provides users with up-to-date information from the internet, as well as a competitive alternative to traditional search. The removal of manual customer service makes the service cost-effective and efficient. With MaverickAI, users can save time and money, and gain access to information anytime, anywhere, without internet connection. The project's vision to use AI as a beacon to build a brighter and more inclusive future is highly appreciated."


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Hard to implement"


Simon Olson