Created by team CELER AI on February 24, 2023

CelerConnect is an AI-driven project designed to automate and accelerate customer communication for companies across various industries. Many businesses struggle with slow communication and filtering processes that make it difficult to reach the right contact quickly. Hiring someone to manage this task can also be costly. CelerConnect's solution uses AI to organize all types of communication, including messages received on various platforms like Discord, WhatsApp, and email. The AI classifies these messages according to the department they belong to and responds with a solution if it is a common problem. If not, the AI generates an empathetic message to inform the client that their request has been received and will be addressed soon. The AI then summarizes the request and sends it to the appropriate department. Each department can easily access a list of summarized issues and respond with the necessary historical data. CelerConnect's multi-platform design makes it easily adaptable to existing company systems, and it costs less than traditional methods while delivering faster, more intuitive communication and better request management.

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