Ai novel

Created by team ai novel on February 24, 2023

AI Novel is a visual novel that consists of generative storylines and visuals. Built with Python, FlutterFlow, ChatGPT, and Midjourney, our MVP has a story with the same beginning for everyone, but the endings are completely unique for each user based on choices made during gameplay. Our mission is not only to create a novel with new themes for new audiences, but also to make a new chapter in the development of visual AI literature. We want to help a person immerse themselves in a new world that they have created themselves and experience what is really important to them. There will be many stories in our full version, and each one will be unique, giving everyone the opportunity to find and collect a story for themselves, experience some moments in a new way, and simply enjoy it. In a more advanced version of our application, we plan to add more stories, increase interactivity, and use user ratings to save the best stories. We may even consider developing a separate app for this purpose. We have calculated that our monetization strategy will be profitable. Our project has two growth opportunities. The first is to release the standalone application on Google Play, the App Store, and other platforms. Here, we will promote the app, implement monetization through advertising and in-app purchases, and continue to expand it with new stories. And the second growth opportunity is to improve the internal storytelling mechanism and sell it to other visual novel developers

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"AI Novel is an innovative visual novel app that uses advanced technologies to generate unique storylines and visuals for each user based on their choices during gameplay. Its mission is to create a new chapter in the development of visual AI literature by providing users with a personalized and immersive experience. The app's monetization strategy is well thought out, with plans to release a standalone application on Google Play and the App Store, implement monetization through advertising and in-app purchases, and expand it with new stories."


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"I think that the demo could really use a new graphic on every single script page. I also think there’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to how attractive the design is. Especially if you’re aiming to go for a content, consumer that is aware of the beauty of a graphical novel. I’m completely on board with the use of technology. I think it’s a great use case I just don’t see the large monetization capability yet. I think you’re very correct on that. There’s a growing market for people that are disillusioned with the quality of short form content and therefore they don’t find stories that are relatable to them. I would play much more on the personalization of choice and creating beautiful story boards around the experience of the individual user."


Pawel Czech


"Super cool - although there are plans of competition on the same topic"


Simon Olson