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Created by team TEAM X on October 09, 2023

This is project aim is to give access to individuals the power of AI in home design as, I believe that in the market the AI has entered but general people who are not from tech filed have not realized the true potential of the AI. We achieve this by creating an application that allows the business owner to generate specific Id's for their potential customers and give them access to their Interior Design platform, so that the potential customer can make use of AI, and Generate design's of their home, once they are satisfied with the designs they can connect with business owner to make that design a reality. This saves customer time and money to go to markets and design their products whereas It saves the business owner money and time also. Money: - such that they won't hire too many people for Interior design. Time such that each image only takes about 5 seconds to generate. This allows the access of AI by general population as well as acting as a good solution for Interior Designers.

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