Polyglot GPT

Created by team polyglot GPT on October 16, 2023

Problem: GPT (and other large language models) are english centric. Although they understand a lot of languages, they are less accurate in instruction following in other languages. The vocabulary limit of GPT is limited and cannot handle all the world languages effectively When the prompt is not in english, GPT responses are 2X slower. Opportunity: A middleware AI layer , that translates prompts between any language and GPT, without having to retrain GPT to instruction follow in the target language Business opportunity: Opens up prompt engineering outside of English. Opens up GPT (or other LLM) to be effectively used by 1 billion non english speakers across the globe. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1pTw-u-xJt_L8Y8l2y5KZSdaMGJq0BiLAbxhkYhfKQ74/edit?usp=sharing

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