Let them live - Auto-GPT Virtual Influencer

Created by team Let them live on June 12, 2023

"Let Them Live" employs these capabilities to create Virtual Influencers that can autonomously perform any action a real influencer can do on social media platforms. At present, it operates on Instagram, where it can autonomously log into your account, initiate and maintain conversations, follow users based on specific topics, and even generate consistent and personalized images using the Dreambooth model. All these actions are facilitated by the instagrapi Python library and the FAISS vector store for efficient retrieval of past messages. But the potential of "Let Them Live" extends beyond Instagram. We are currently working on integrating Twitter into our platform, which will allow our Auto-GPT Virtual Influencers to autonomously engage in interactions on Twitter, further expanding their reach.

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"This is definitely one of the best use cases for AI. Many brands today are actively seeking ways to enhance communication with their audiences and improve the overall user experience. It would be great to have an audio component in this presentation, along with a live demo or finalized mockups to showcase how everything looks once implemented. This would provide a more immersive and engaging experience for the audience. Good luck with your project!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green