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Created by team Grim reaper on April 13, 2024

The ORCAS AI is an platform for connecting different organization of government bodies during calamities. Our Aim at ORCA is to create an decentralized AI systems controlled by government bodies. The user whenever in danger or runs out of ration due to natural calamities can make SOS emergency call or texts and the automated AI bot takes the call and asks query of the user. After that the automated call sends the information of response to the centralized government where the government officials can assign tasks to specific government bodies to save the user. The central government forwards the assigned tasks to the specific government bodies where the specific government can view them in dashboard. The forward of tasks is done quickly and the specific government bodies can see the user location with number and also the percentage of affected in that area so the government can get the idea about the area and its situation. The Orca AI helps in finding the area's affected percentage and also suggest the best possible way to reach the user with safety. The government can plan accordingly based on the workers there with amount of transport. We help them to organize effectively based on their resources. And inefficiently resource of item at a place will be swapped by nearby government place. The all process in stored in blockchain to make it tamper free and secure and also rescue the person as early as possible with the help of AI and blockchain.

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