Winners of the LEAP 2024 Oasis AI Hackathon

Monday, April 15, 2024 by Mex0rsu
Winners of the LEAP 2024 Oasis AI Hackathon

LEAP 2024 OASIS Hackathon was a vibrant gathering of minds, bringing together 4,344 participants across 238 teams. These innovators collaborated to forge 96 unique AI applications, each aimed at tackling global challenges through technology. This event not only showcased a diverse range of ideas and solutions but also highlighted the power of collective effort in the field of artificial intelligence.

Driving Innovation In Artificial Intelligence With NewNative

From the heart of Riyadh, an alliance of technological prowess came together to host LEAP24 AI Oasis Hackathon. NewNative through & Lablab MENA, in collaboration with the National Technology Development Program (NTDP) and LEAP (world's most attended tech event) hosted The LEAP24 AI Oasis Hackathon aiming to provide a space for coders, developers, and tech enthusiasts to showcase their talents and revolutionize the field of AI.

winners and organizers on the stage
Onsite LEAP Hackathon finals

This event located in Riyadh running from March 4th to 7th, saw an exceptional turnout with over 4,300 participants from 15 different countries and constituting more than 230 teams. Over 90 prototypes were created during the event, each aiming to make a meaningful impact in various areas, leveraging the power of AI. Our onsite attendees fiercely competed for a chance to be one of the top five, each of whom received a grant of SAR 150,000 ($40,000 US Dollars). Not to forget our online participants, the winners split a sum total of $10,000 USD! This goes to show that physical boundaries are not a constraint for talent and dedication.

The Challenge πŸ†

The LEAP 2024 Hackathon threw down the gauntlet with a stimulating challenge: devise AI-driven applications to confront pressing sustainability issues. Participants had the unique opportunity to leverage advanced AI platforms, crafting solutions that demonstrated the power of artificial intelligence in fostering a more sustainable future.


The brilliant ideas and prototypes that emerged from the event were nothing short of awe-inspiring. Let's take a chance to celebrate our on-site winners: 1st Place Nuqta Genomics BioForge - Accelerating Genetic Engineering 2nd Place Aures DAIT -THE diabetic AI assistant 3rd Place Andromida - WorthyYou 4th Place RAHA - A voice enabled AI for digital accessibility 5th Place Eventful - AI Planner

And online event prizes go to:


Smart Medication Management took the first place with its AI-driven system that simplifies the management of multiple medications, aiming to reduce risks associated with polypharmacy by providing insights on drug interactions and alternative therapies.


The Diabetic AI Assistant supports diabetics through a customized AI that offers real-time guidance and personalized management suggestions, enhancing daily life for individuals with diabetes.


An all-in-one software builder that democratizes app development by enabling users to build applications effortlessly, regardless of their coding expertise, thanks to its AI-enhanced tools.

πŸ…Prizes of online event:

πŸ₯‡ 1st Place: πŸ’° $5,000 Cash + $2,000 in Weaviate Credits + $1,500 Vectara Credits

πŸ₯ˆ 2nd Place: πŸ’° $3,000 Cash + $1,000 in Weaviate Credits + $1,000 Vectara Credits

πŸ₯‰ 3rd Place: πŸ’° $2,000 Cash + $500 in Weaviate Credits + $500 Vectara Credits


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants of the LEAP 2024 Hackathon for their innovative contributions and spirited engagement. Each project showcased the remarkable potential of AI to solve complex challenges. We encourage everyone to continue this innovation journey and invite new enthusiasts to join upcoming hackathons at Stay tuned for more opportunities to create, collaborate, and transform ideas into impactful solutions!