What Is AI Summarizing And AI Paraphrasing, And How Does It Work?

Saturday, December 30, 2023 by farrukhiftikhar
What Is AI Summarizing And AI Paraphrasing, And How Does It Work?

Summarizing and paraphrasing, both are valuable writing skills. They are used by almost every type of writer to make different improvements and alterations in their writing.

In the past, both were done manually. But nowadays, these are done with the utilization of AI tools (after the innovation due to AI).

I'd love to demonstrate you how AI summarization and paraphrasing functions, using Editpad as our example. This insight comes from a highly-ranked article about Editpad's AI tools, which I found quite impressive and it has inspired me to suggest this platform to others.

What Is AI Summarizing?

AI summarizing is the process of creating summaries of content with the utilization of online AI summarizers. These tools operate with the support of artificial intelligence to provide correct summaries/short forms without compromising on quality. Moreover, the tools ensure the maintenance of the original message after summarization.

AI summarizing is used by different bloggers, teachers, students as well and other kinds of writers for multiple purposes such as;

  • creating summaries of fixed lengths.
  • To eliminate some extra details/words from writing.
  • Knowing the main concept of content.
  • To compile accurate summaries with coherence among the sentences.

Now, I’m going to elaborate on the working mechanism of AI summarizing with the utilisation of Editpad’s summarizer.

How Does AI Summarizing Works: Explained In Steps

Step1: It Understands the Context of Input

When content or writing is pasted into Editpad’s summarizing tool, it apprehends the context in the first step. By context, I mean the whole intent or meaning of a writing.  To do so, the AI summarizer uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to accurately understand the whole intent.

Additionally, this step is necessarily taken by all AI summarizing tools, to prevent the summaries from diverging from the actual meaning.

Step 2: The Tool Identifies the Main Points

After getting the whole intent of the original content in a few seconds, the AI summarizing tool takes the next few seconds to identify the main or key points. By key points I mean the most important points or details in the content around which all the writing revolves. In other words, I can say key points as the main essence of writing.

For this, the summarizing tool crawls the whole content and picks up all the key points. However, the whole process is hidden from the eyes of users.

3. It Explains Key Points to Compile A Summary

In this step, the summarizing tool explains the key points to create the summary in the output. The below points explain the whole process of how the tool creates summaries in this step:

  • The AI summarizer uniquely explains the key points without copying and pasting original words. For this, the tool uses human-like terms and phrases. The tool does so to make the output look like it is written by a human.
  • A tool keeps its focus on the original intent along the way so that it does not deviate while crafting summaries. This technique of the tool will ensure that the tool will provide accurate/precise results.
  • Every AI summarizing tool keeps the language as concise as possible to cover the whole essence in a small number of words.

Note: All the above-mentioned steps are simultaneously accomplished by AI summarizing tool within a matter of seconds. Moreover, the tool doesn’t demand any hassle from the users as everything is done automatically with the support of AI algorithms.

Real-Time Example of AI Summarizing

To demonstrate the real-time example of AI summarizing, I pasted the below content into the tool. Adjusted the length at 25% and ran the tool. Within the blink of my eyes, I got the summarized form of our input. As shown below:

Our Content:

“Certainly,  the developments and implementations of Artificial Intelligence greatly change our world. This technology is fast affecting the different aspects of our lives. Moreover, it is streamlining the working of several fields and industries. With every dawn, we see innovations and revolutionary developments.”


AI Summarized Text:

“Certainly, the developments and implementations of Artificial Intelligence greatly change our world.”


Tutorial accompaniment image

What Is AI Paraphrasing?

AI paraphrasing refers to the act of restating writing with the utilization of an online AI paraphrasing tool. The rephrasing tools are operated with the power of artificial intelligence. AI paraphrasing is mainly done to make content 100% unique and engaging. Moreover, there are multiple other purposes of AI paraphrasing:

  • To make content simple and understandable for readers.
  • Changing or fixing a single tone throughout the writing.
  • For giving writing a creative look.

And so on…

Now let me explain the complete working mechanism of the AI paraphrasing with the utilization of the chosen tool (Editpad’ Paraphraser).

Working Techniques of AI Paraphrasing

1. It First Apprehends the Original Context

The first technique used by the Editpad’s AI paraphrasing tool is to completely apprehend the core message or main intent of writing. This step is essentially taken by the AI rephrasing tool so that it doesn’t harm the primary meaning while rephrasing.

To effectively analyze/read and comprehend the whole meaning, NLP (Natural Language Processing) is used by the AI paraphraser. NLP keeps a record of multiple other aspects along with the original context such as tone, sentence structures, and types of words and phrases used in input.

2. The Tool Replaces Original Words and Phrases With Synonyms

The second technique used is synonymizing. By tech synonymizing, I refer to the process in which a tool replaces the actual words and phrases with their contextually appropriate words or phrases.

For your better understanding, I explained this technique in the below sections:

  • In this technique, the tool chooses contextually correct words to replace the original ones.
  • The AI paraphraser prefers to use simple as well as easily digestible synonyms.
  • The tool always tends to use new and trendy words.
  • The tool uses engaging words in place of boring (boring) words.

Practical Example:

To demonstrate this technique of AI paraphrasing, I changed the text below:

Original Text:

“Most knowledge seekers see science as a difficult and time-consuming subject to learn. Since maximum science concepts are complex and hard for them to understand. Yet, to elevate their learning of science, they should focus during the lecture and read every principle deeply.”


Synonymized Text:

Numerous students perceive science as a challenging and intricate subject to grasp. This is because the majority of science principles are intricate and challenging for them to comprehend. Nevertheless, to enhance their understanding of science, they should stay concentrated during the lecture and contemplate each concept profoundly.”

3. It Does Breaking And Joining of Possible Sentences

This is another technique used by the AI Paraphrasing Tool. It involves the change in original content structure by breaking longer sentences into shorter ones and merging small sentences to form longer ones. However, the AI paraphrasing tool does not break or merge all the sentences but only those that are possible.

Practical Example:

To demonstrate this technique of AI paraphrasing, I broke the below text into multiple short sentences.

Original Text:

“Eating fresh foods and vegetables can make you stay healthy, with this you will work more efficiently, and ultimately your burden of tasks will decrease.”


Broken Text:

Eating healthy foods and vegetables can make you stay healthy. You will be able to work more efficiently. Ultimately, your task burden will decrease.

4. Rearranging the Structures of Sentences

This technique is used to alter the actual tone/style of content. Below are some changes that are made by this technique:

  • It changes “Passive into Active voice” and vice versa.
  • It switches the Direct narrations into Indirect and vice versa.
  • It changes the placement of words in sentences.

Moreover, the technique is beneficial for diversifying the sentence structures of original writing.

Practical Example:

For better understanding, I changed the active voice of the below sentence into the Passive.

Original Text:

“John always chooses to play Hockey.”


Paraphrased Text:

“Hockey is always chosen to play by John.”

Real-Time Example by Utilizing AI Paraphrasing Tool

Let’s take a real-time example of AI paraphrasing utilizing Editpad’s AI Paraphrasing tool. I adjusted the tool to the “Creative” mode. After that, I pasted the below piece of writing into the tool and ran it. The rephrasing tool took a few seconds to revamp/paraphrase my input. As shown in the below:

Our Text:

“These days, it is obvious that the rate of technological advancements is increasing tremendously. As a result of these innovations, we are seeing several changes as well as improvements in our living standards. Fast internet, AI, efficient mobile phones, etc., are some prominent examples of the development of technology.”


Paraphrased Output:

“It is clear that technology is moving fast these days. As a result of these innovations, we are seeing many changes as well as life improvements. "Fast internet, artificial intelligence and smartphones are great examples of technological progress.”


Tutorial accompaniment image


Summarization and paraphrasing both are important skills in the field of writing. These are commonly used by Students, Content marketing specialists, bloggers and other kinds of writers. All of them use these processes to write quality content, summaries, conclusions, introductions, etc.

Nowadays, both processes are done with the utilization of AI tools. To make the writers effectively do AI summarizing and paraphrasing, I first choose a platform offering both of the tools.

After that, I comprehensively explained all the techniques and steps involved in their working mechanisms. I hope after reading this post, you will be able to effectively use AI tools and get better results from them.

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