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Wednesday, February 22, 2023 by Marek on Product hunt!’s journey so far

As you can easily see on our website, the first online AI Hackathon was organised in 2021 and it had only 31 participants. We already knew how AI was impacting the world and how it will become an essential technology for technology soon. And two years later here we are - in reality where an AI based app can gather 1 million users, while it took Instagram 2,5 months. Oh, did I mention it took ChatGPT 2 months to gather 100 mln users?

Every industry is investing into AI - we see medical breakthroughs, new approaches to engineering and architecture or basically how we operate everyday in a business environment. The future predicted is now.

And we would like to thank our incredible community of builders, innovators and creators. Currently we have around 33 000 users, who created 522 (!) prototypes which already are or will in future shape how we interact with technology. A projects which will solve identified problems and shape the better tomorrow!

It;s perfect moment to showcase our ideas on Product Hunt, with upcoming biggest AI Hackathon in's history with over 6500 participants today!

Why is Product Hunt launch so important?

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“Product Hunt surfaces the best new products every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.”

“Product Hunt is where Silicon Valley finds out what’s cool”

Product Hunt is a community which helps amazing projects to showcase what they are capable of. It also allows to search for investors, look for other like-minded people and brainstorm for innovations. It’s a platform to both give exposure and help to achieve a new level of complexity. We’re more than happy for Product Hunt to be part of’s journey and we are more than excited looking into a bright, AI future!

Product Hunt is a place to identify innovations on the early stage, which is the same mission has. There are other similarities between those community building projects and we engage you to find them.

We will give you a hint - is giving an exposure to all of the projects created during its AI Hackathons in a user-friendly AI app discovery page. Also as you might have read, during AI startup Hackathon winners will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in Nextgrid's Slingshot Accelerator program. But for now, we won’t reveal more. We just encourage you to join our discord and follow our Social Media to be up to date, as there’s plenty to come!

What’s next?

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We already mentioned Nextgrid's Slingshot Accelerator program. The discovery page for all of the submitted projects is up also. We are reaching for a broader audience through the Product Hunt to help’s community grow - both in number and quality of projects but also as a place to innovate, create and build. That’s why we are asking you to see on Product Hunt page, to comment, to give as feedback. To show your support and engagement to the community. As we always underline it -'s goal is to educate people, give them support in building innovations and make the world a better place. Everything with the power of AI. gives you the support of amazing mentors, an access to a community of incredible people from all around the world to create an innovation together, access to the cutting edge technology and an exposure to reach out to potential investors and transform your prototype into a million worth startup.

So what are you’re waiting for? Find a problem you or someone else is facing, sign in to an upcoming AI hackathon and build an app to solve the issue. It’s that simple! And in a meantime you can engage in helping us get more exposure to our Product Hunt page. It might be a great 2 minute relaxation during no sleep 7 days Hackathon and opportunity to give something positive back to the community.

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