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I was born in Brazil, and moved with my family to the USA when I was 18 years old, when my eyes opened to the world. As time went by, I took a keen interest in different cultures, languages, and fell in love with Europe. In 2017, I got my U.S. Passport to visit Sweden and Norway. In 2021, I moved to Argentina and lived there for about 2 years. When 2023 was on the horizon, I set a life objective to establish residency in Europe and become a citizen. During my trajectory from being in the US to now, I had to learn to look for information, and thus, learn the laws, regulations, requirements, limitations; how to apply and follow up, etc. on establishing residence and citizenship in the US, Argentina, and now, Italy. That allowed me to obtain the experience and the knowledge in how to get started and getting it done, when it comes to residency and citizenship. I excel in communicating, can speak different languages, and have a passion for helping and facilitating people who have the drive and want to get ahead in life in an ethical way. I value personal growth, and I gladly share my experiences, what I learned from them, what I did to overcome them and how you can do it, it your own way, if you wish. My often restless mind, coupled with my creativity and curiosity make me a wild dice that can get some of the most innovative numbers. Let's talk and...toss my mind around. :)


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