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Milan Balabanovic



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A computer science student from Serbia, eager to learn new skills and meet new people. No prior. experience in AI, so the start will be rocky, but interesting and enjoyable nonetheless.

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    Andjelika The Tourist Guide

    Imagine you're in some foreign city or country, this web app would help you navigate, socialize with locals, suggests you places to visit and make your stay way better.

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    Transformers AI Online Hackathon

    Transformers are context-learning neural networks. They learn by tracking relationships in sequential data, for example, words in sentences. You might know them as some of the best AI models in the market - OpenAI’s GPT-3 and Cohere In our 3-day Hackathon, organized along with the Swiss AI Association, you’ll use context-learning neural networks to build solutions with people from all around the globe and have an opportunity to pitch your AI Prototypes worldwide. Jump in to learn more about harnessing the power of Transformers!

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