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Mihaela Catan



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Moldova, Republic of

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● Python & Data Science Trainer at GirlsGoIT ● AI Enthusiast ● Girl in STEM </div>a ● Highschooler in the remaining time

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    Flash Learning

    Flash Learning is a flashcard application that helps the user to retain any material, like terms, definitions, laws, etc, through active recall. Unlike the classic flashcards, where the process of evaluation is ambiguous because the users say their answers verbally, our application offers the opportunity to get AI-based self-assessment scores that quantify their level of knowledge of the studied card. These scores can serve as indicators on how well the users know the material and if they are ready to learn something else or end their learning session. It can be used for both formal and informal education, where the instructor can prepare public flashcards with the curriculum needed for tests and exams. The Leitner System - a widely used method of efficiently using flashcards - is now implemented digitally in our application. It is a simple implementation of the principle of spaced repetition, where cards are reviewed at increasing intervals to enhance the process of learning and store the information in the long-term memory. The users can choose to know the card at the GOOD (>80%) or EXCELLENT (>90%) level based on their necessity. If their score is not excellent, they will even get explanations with GenerativeAI to help them improve their score.

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    Semantic Search AI Hackathon

    🗓️ This will be a 7-day virtual hackathon from 16-23 December 💻 Build AI application with the latest large language model-powered technology by Cohere 💡 Get the chance to work with the best AI professionals in the industry and learn from them ✔️Entry level = 0. You’ve just started with AI? Are you an experienced Data Scientist? Or maybe you are a Designer or Business Developer? Join us! We need your domain knowledge! 🐱‍💻 Register now and let's get started! It’s free!

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