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Hi my name is Pedro Rocha, I have 26 years old, I am from Portugal and I live in the middle of ocean called Azores have nine islands which is the Terceira island :-P . I have a plenty of things I like to do but first I want talk about myself. I made course electronic automation computers technician. I am curious I like explore all possibilities, study various matters and in this moment I have been study python and java-script I am not expert and I have so much to learn so here I am. (-: I am a dude of nature I like make trails I like know about plants make experiments like graft of plant fruit trees know techniques too and have knowledge about herb medicine. I am nerd too I like computers, repair equipment´s, test hack tools nothing serious I promess. Make little projects with raspberry pi, Arduino too use modules like GSM and learning on practical way. That´s it ^^ begin the game !