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Currently, I am a student at BEI (Bachelor of Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering). I am from a middle-class household where the mother is a housewife and the father is a farmer. Despite not receiving a strong education from my schools or colleges—possibly because of a lack of funding—I was nevertheless able to read online. Maybe I was reading in fourth or fifth grade when I first discovered the internet. I'm influenced by the fact that I'm reading BEI right now. And right now, AI fascinates me. So, in my first semester, I got some friends with whom I was able to made my first game in console using C, that was TIC-TAC-TOE. And then got explored to robotics and with help of seniors, I was able to build small projects like self opening curtains, Bluetooth control car, obstacle avoiding car, etc. So, It was my beginning. And currently I am in process to improve myself. The major projects of mine are Balloon Popping Game ( Video and code of this game is available in my GitHub page), emergency alarm system using ESP-32 (available in GitHub), etc. So, those were my progress in my technical field. I have organize some programs too. Many Ups and Downs were gone during these periods. And the most important lesson till now I have learnt is to never give up.


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