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AI/ML Engineer | LLM Ops @ AI Maker Space I am also a Data Science M.S. student at CU Boulder, where I am learning advanced techniques and methods for data analysis, modeling, and visualization. Previously, I completed a Machine Learning Engineer program at FourthBrain, where I built a personalized low-latency end-to-end few-shot keyword spotting speech recognition model running in real-time on an edge device. As an AI/ML Research Assistant at Kaleidoscope Data, I worked as an understudy of the managing partner, collaborating closely with the projects currently in process. These projects combine NLP, LLM AI, data pipelines, and operationalization of data products, with the intention of providing a public, visible demonstration of the capability of AI as a tool for marketing Kaleidoscope Data’s AI consulting services, and potentially creating a generic framework for applying AI to text-oriented business data problems. I also have experience as a Data Scientist at Cisco and a Data Analyst at HCL Technologies and Commercial Energy, where I applied data science and MLOps skills to design and implement metric frameworks, dashboards, and continuous monitoring solutions for various business use cases. I have a background in actuarial science and hold two exams from the Society of Actuaries.