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Arjun Patel

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    Perfect Prompt

    Perfect Prompt is a one stop shop for prompt engineering and image generation. Currently, generating images with prompts for free can be costly with respect to time and money. Perfect Prompt allows you to experiment with your prompt before submitting it several times to a image generation model. Just type in a prompt, and Perfect Prompt will generate an image as well 10 variations of the input prompt with a given art style. First, Perfect Prompt identifies the art style using cohere classify, and matches it to one of five. Then, this style is added to an internal prompt, which asks cohere generate to create variations of the input prompt. These prompts are then ranked again by the classifier, and only the top ten are returned. The user may use any details from these to create their next prompt, and generate another image!

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    Cohere AI Hackathon #3

    It is our pleasure to welcome you to the third Cohere AI Hackathon! Our collaboration with Cohere gives community members access to one of the most powerful artificial intelligence language models available. Let's build a better future together! Join us and innovate!

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    OpenAI Whisper Hackathon

    Join us for a hackathon where we will be using OpenAI Whisper to create innovative solutions! Whisper is a neural net that has been trained to approach human level robustness and accuracy for English speech recognition. We will be using this tool to create applications that can transcribe in multiple languages, as well as translate from those languages into English. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about speech processing and to create some useful applications!

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