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Ahmad is a highly motivated second-year computer science student with a passion for creative design and website development. Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages. Experience teaching C++ to college students and working effectively under pressure. Strong leadership and teamwork skills, with a proven ability to manage projects and meet deadlines. Eager to continue learning and growing in the areas of website development and creative design.

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    We track emotional states within text, then we provide a recommendation or simply show an ad that is suitable with what the user really feels. This project is using many  machine learning algorithms to train a classifier. We deployed cohere embedding system API. The backend service was built using python django framework. The motivation behind this work is that a big share of people spends a long time online, and although they express their negative emotions freely, they don’t actively take action to improve them. Even when they have positive emotions, they don’t make use of their excitement and energy. On the other hand, many local activities and services are available out there, but not everyone knows about them. Besides, the truth is that a single type of activity isn’t suitable for all. So, a strategy must be followed to recommend a specific activity to people with a specific type of emotions. Many companies and organizations will be interested in advertising, especially the ones that offer life coaching services, trip organizers, fitness and massage centers, comedy shows, therapists, and many other activity organizers and human well-being services.

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    Cohere Hackathon

    🗓️ This 7-day virtual hackathon from January 27 to February 3 will be your time to shine! 💻 Construct AI apps with the latest LLM-powered technology from Cohere and try the newly released Multilingual Text Understanding model ✔️ There's no prerequisite level. Just starting out with AI? Or perhaps you're a veteran Data Scientist? A Designer? A Business Developer? We want you and your domain expertise! 🐱‍💻 Sign up now for free and let's get going!

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