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Hey guys πŸ‘‹, I'm Shav - a Full-Stack Data Scientist, AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist, and an aspiring entrepreneur based in the UK. I specialize in MLOps & software architecture, having been focused on scalable data streaming stacks optimized for low-latency, deploying DL architectures, and provisioning distributed Python servers for computation & model serving. I'm also pretty good at front end, using Next.js & React. I've developed Risk Models and back-tested/tuned trading strategies at a crypto hedge fund, and along the way, an in-house OMS platform led to the creation of a Multi-Asset Multi-Exchange Crypto Portfolio Management & Execution platform, which I spent over a year helping build and shape from the ground up. This week, I took a leap of faith and I left my career to chase ✨ Entrepreneurship ✨. The dream of building something transformative from the ground up is what drives me. Currently, I'm channeling my energy into new projects, hackathons, meeting like-minded people and constantly seeking opportunities to innovate and make a lasting impact. Thats why I'm here! I'm all about forging connections and embarking on journeys to create something extraordinary together. Let's make waves! 🌊


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