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Security Analyst / Consultant Student in Data Science / ML / AI in self study

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AWS SageMaker


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    Bitcoin Transaction Fraud Classification

    This is a Bitcoin Transaction Fraud Classification project Based on Elliptic Dataset provided by Elliptic Ltd. a London - based Blockchain analysis provider. Here is our Deployed Application link: This Project is built using Python based libraries. For data pre-processing we have used NumPy and Pandas, for data visualization we have used matplotlib and seaborn, for development we have used PyCaret and finally for web-development we have used Streamlit and StreamlitCloud. The Elliptic Dataset is a graph network of Bitcoin transactions with handcrafted features. All features are constructed using only publicly available information. Thank you for your Time and Consideration.

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    Sustainable AI Hackathon (Swiss AI)

    Are you ready to put your coding skills to the test for the global cause?