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    Baskful is a tool to ease mass asset liquidation. The tool is meant to document items that are to be sold on sites such as Amazon and Ebay. Target users include estate sales, moving companies, and company closings. AI is used to generate copy for the products.

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    Cohere Thanksgiving Hackathon

    Come to the Cohere Thanksgiving Hackathon and let's build, create, and innovate together! This is a perfect opportunity to use your skills and creativity to support a cause or make a difference. You could build a business idea or a social cause project ā€“ it's up to you! šŸ‘‰ There is not only incredible prizes up for grabs, this is also a perfect opportunity to get into the absolute šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„ hottest šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„ trend in technology. <b> <br/><br/>Sign up now and let's make a difference this <u>Thanksgiving!</u></b> Both seasoned AI / Tech pros as well as people with other domain knowledge are welcome, our team matchmaking system will make sure you find a team to work with, or create your own and invite your friends / colleagues.

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    Generative AI Hackathon

    šŸ—“ļø This will be a 48-Hour Virtual Hackathon from 2 - 4 December šŸ’» Technology: You will build applications with generative AI supplied by Cohere āœ”ļø Level: All levels are welcome šŸ˜Š For whom?: Builders, creators & innovators! šŸ’² The Event is totally free! šŸ† $2000 cash prize pool!

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