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Duvvuru Varshitha is a Biotechnology graduate turned into a MedTech Innovator. She has an immense passion for Research and Development, Design Thinking, and Hardware Prototyping. Her fields of interest include Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Innovation. She is highly motivated towards transforming people’s lives and helping them lead a better and happier life. She is a curious learner who explores a lot and is passionate about solving real-world problems, looking for greater challenges to be solved innovatively. She began her career, solving real-world problems by using her research and development skills. Her work contributed to solving few problems given by Robert bosch and Schneider Electric during the hackathons. Later, Varshitha started working in and with startups and has 2.5 years of work experience. Varshitha earned her Biotechnology degree from Dr. M.G. R. Educational and research institute, Chennai. She stands high among her batchmates, learned techniques employed in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, cell biology, and Recombinant DNA technology. During her period in the Entrepreneurship cell she executed the leadership qualities in Decision Making, Idea valuation, and pitching. She is extremely Co-Operative and possesses the capacity to contribute positively while working as a part of a team. She has been an active volunteer in department events and various student clubs. She is also an active member of NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network). She is good at expanding her core competence. Varshitha describes herself as a voracious reader, a social butterfly, and a self-driven innovator. She prefers In-Person meetings.


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    Startup AI Tools Set Online Hackathon, Deep Learning Labs

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