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This 2-hours workshop will show you how to get started in AI, and give you the skills you need to succeed. Live Stream 2 Expert Talks Access AI tools that will boost your productivity Open Q&A session Learn from the experts how to enter the exciting field of AI!
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About the Workshop

Are you excited to explore the fascinating world of AI? Are you ready to develop the skills necessary to become an AI professional? Then join us for AI Workshop!

⚡ AI is one of the most exciting and in-demand fields today, and there are many opportunities for non-technical people to get started in this field.

⚒️ This workshop is an incredible opportunity for non-technical individuals to enter the AI field.

📚 We will provide the knowledge and resources needed to understand the fundamentals of AI, as well as the valuable skills and tools that can drastically improve your performance.

Will AI Replace You In The Next 5 Years?

Pawel Czech - founder at AI investment company New Native, co-founder at, serial entrepreneur and just a real AI innovator. During the workshop, Pawel will conduct an overview of the market and prospects for the talent market in the next few years.

👉 Which specialists will be in critical demand (Who will be hunted by recruiters)?

👉 What non-technical people should do in AI

👉 How AI can speed up and improve your daily work

Join us to know all the answers!

The AI ​​Tools That Will Help You Get More Done!

The winner of one of the AI ​​Hackathons at - Arjun Patel - Data Scientist and AI enthusiast, will show you great AI use cases that can speed-up your work and boost your productivity. Get access to the best available on the market right now!

Among other things, throughout the live stream you will have the opportunity to communicate with us, get immediate (quick) answers to your questions, and most importantly, join one of the first AI communities in the world.

Unlock your potential and join us for an exciting and rewarding journey into the world of AI!


  • Arjun Patel

    Arjun Patel

    Data Scientist | Origami Artist

  • Paweł Czech

    Paweł Czech

    Founder New Native

  • Olesia Zinchenko

    Olesia Zinchenko

    Social Media Manager at New Native