An Interactive DALL-E 2 Stream

An Interactive DALL-E 2 Stream event thumbnail

Come and join us for a fun stream where we'll be using the DALL-E 2! DALL-E 2 is a deep learning algorithm that can generate images from textual descriptions by OpenAI.

About DALL-E 2

Dall-E 2 is an online AI art generator that allows users to create unique, one-of-a-kind images. It uses a 12-billion parameter training version of the GPT-3 transformer model to interpret the natural language inputs and generate corresponding images.

The process is simple: users select a subject, specify a style, and then (BAM!) the AI system creates an original piece of art based on the input.

About the Stream

It'll be interactive, and viewers will suggest prompts in the chat. And we'll be holding a lottery during the stream where three lucky people will be able to get the generated image for themselves!

Some Examples

  • Mathias Asberg

    Mathias Asberg

    Co-Founder of NewNative, Founder of Nextgrid

  • Olesia Zinchenko

    Olesia Zinchenko

    Social Media Manager at NewNative

  • Jakub Zakrzewski

    Jakub Zakrzewski

    Event Manager at NewNative