AI Talk with Ivan Prado

Gamification, Design Thinking, and AI

Join us for AI Talks! This Monday we welcome Ivan Prado, an experienced leader who loves to share his knowledge with others. He has over 4 years in gamification, and 7+ years as an entrepreneur, and is perfect for discussing growth, development, and collaboration. Ask, engage, and have fun on the Twitch channel!
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AI Talks in a line! Every week, we team up with some of the smartest bots in the biz to unlock the incredible potential of AI! From their cutting-edge backgrounds to their wildest visions of the future, you'll get an inside look at what they're thinking — and worrying — about the future of artificial intelligence.

Our community is happy to welcome Ivan Prado this Monday for the next episode of AI Talks.

Do you want to join Ivan on his fantastic journey of creativity, innovation, and social impact? Ivan is an experienced leader with a passion for helping others unlock their potential, and he loves to share his knowledge with others.

His years of training, +4 years in gamification and game design, and 7+ years as an entrepreneur allows him to help people learn, develop, and grow. Ivan is the perfect person to discuss with a culture of growth, development, and collaboration.

We are providing you open space to ask and engage and have fun during the stream with Mathias and Ivan. See you on Monday in lablabai Twitch channel!

About AI Talk’s guest

Ivan Prado is living in a world of creative exploration and innovation! With 10+ years of experience in training and 4+ years in gamification and game design, Ivan has the expertise to help you and your organization reach new heights. He is a true leader and social impact maker, helping companies like Microsoft, eBay, Samsung, ABB, and Telefonica shape their organizational culture, increase their creativity, and execute corporate social responsibility.

With his wealth of knowledge, he is ready to guide you in gamification, storytelling, design thinking, and more. Read more about Ivan's work at

About AI Talks

Let's get ready to rumble! Join the AI Talks and unlock the power of artificial intelligence - from the latest researches and applications to the ethical and economic implications.

Our host, Mathias Asberg, world record holder in reinforcement learning and the founder at, will provide the insights you need to stay ahead of the curve and become part of a community that accelerates innovations!


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    Mathias Asberg

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  • Ivan Prado

    Ivan Prado

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