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Created by team Volund on July 04, 2024

1. Optimised Prompt based on User's reuirement with simplicity and precision. User are asked to fill the answer based on the default questions like goals , interest and challenges faced, based on the mentioned criteria. Solution: It will be a prompt that gets generated along with the solution that is provided based on the tailored prompt. 2. In built AI application for Brainstorming - The AI will directly interact based on the prompt, it will be more refined and video link is also added. 3. Providing additional features like youtube links that are related to the topic of discussion - For every prompt answered, there will be a youtube link. Why you ask? We understood the Customer pain point where we felt that for certain propts for example: cooking having a video along with the videos would really help the customers to work on this with ease and confidence. 4. How does this bring value as a product and business: a) As a product - To provide an assistance for any kind of AI tools: as AI is available, but the instructions required to prompt the AI is not available. This is where Volund comes in. Avoiding reprtition prompts and instructions saving time and effort with additional links always helps in providing a good experience. b) As a business - We are able to include a large number of potential users that have not been included and building AI.With a growing market in AI, the dependency on right prompt with becomes very important to understand the intention of the user who is looking for solutions.

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"Decent model and idea, but i would like to have a little more depth to the generated content and a little more specific model would be good. But still great project overall. Try to keep the presentation length within 5 minutes please"


Shebagi Mitra

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