Created by team Qualitent on July 01, 2024

AI is relatively new to many entrepreneurs. They don't know how new capabilities of AI can bring maximum value to their business. Like AI, there are many growth oriented topics that are far away from the lives of many people. They are not even aware that information on such topics is available. We are trying to eliminate the knowledge divide in society with AI based Project. We want to work with our AI partners to educate entrepreneurs, individuals and Organizations about the possible solutions and optimal underlying infrastructure that can bring growth in their lives. Our aim is to provide customers not only a valid ecosystem but also be a reliable guide for their growth journey. For customers developing a roadmap to adopt AI, our A4A program acquaints people with topics including AI that they were unaware of till now. Let us set up an AI based translation startup that will convert quality content into Hindi and some other Indian languages. I have 30 years of experience in the media sector. My role will be to select content for different genres while the co-partners (AI experts) will manage translating the content for different platforms. People interested in this project can contact me at: [email protected]

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