Created by team Paperia on June 30, 2024

Paperia Overview: Paperia is a tool designed to digitize printed and handwritten documents (invoices, receipts, purchase orders, etc.) and integrate them into a record-keeping system. It automates the storage and organization of documents, linking them with other business software systems. Paperia provides standard and customizable reports, utilizes data analysis, charts, and dashboards to offer valuable business insights. Key Benefits: Efficiency: Reduces manual effort in document management. Accuracy: Minimizes errors through automation. Compliance: Helps maintain regulatory compliance. Decision-Making: Provides actionable insights for strategic decisions. Frontend: html,boostrap, jquery Backend:Flask and MySQLL). OCR and Data Extraction: Implement OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for digitizing printed and handwritten documents easyOCR. Integration: Ensure the system can integrate with other business software via APIs.

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"Great presentation, but all i can see on the demo app are just graphs. Not an actual document being worked on by any gpts"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor