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Created by team Kreek ai on July 03, 2024

Kreek Ai is a Generative artificial intelligence – powered platform that facilitates seamless communication between healthcare teams, enabling real-time collaboration on patient cases. Our generative AI model automates documentation and extracts data from communication text and voice messages, ensuring accurate and up-to-date patient records. Kreek's predictive models can forecast clinical outcomes and identify high-risk patients early on. Using kreek Ai allows healthcare professionals to use the capabilities of Generative Ai on real time bases and getting fruitful guide line suggestions, and evidence based decision support on time. Our System automatically captures key patient information during consultations, voice chatting generating accurate and complete reports. This frees up doctors to focus on providing personalized care to their patients. Automatic generation of discharge summary: This saves doctors valuable time by automatically summarizing the patient's hospital stay, including diagnosis, treatment, and followup instructions. • Patient instructions: This ensures clear and consistent communication with patients about post-discharge care. • Prescription writing: This streamlines the medication ordering process and reduces the risk of drug interactions and dosage errors. • Detailed report generation: This provides a more thorough record of the patient's condition and treatment for future reference. • Personalized referral forms: This tailors referrals to the specific needs of each patient, ensuring they receive the most appropriate personalized care. • Consultation form: This facilitates communication and information exchange between healthcare providers involved in a patient's care. • Automatic case report generation: This can be valuable for research , publications and quality improvement initiatives. Insurance claims : Automated informative claims with fully automated reasoning.

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"Great idea, i think it brings teams together and creates a learning platform for everyone to stay upto date with the records. A little more originality would be more appreciated, but i still like the product. The sound was quite low though on the video"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor