Created by team DialogueAI on July 04, 2024

Our app is designed to revolutionize language teaching by immersing students in dynamic role-play scenarios, effectively enhancing their language skills through engaging interactive exercises. It empowers teachers to create assignments effortlessly by providing detailed scenarios tailored to specific learning objectives. Teachers can closely monitor student progress by analyzing their interactions with AI, identifying and addressing grammatical, vocabulary, and tone errors. For teachers, our platform offers a range of powerful features: Teachers can create customized assignments with ease, crafting scenarios that resonate with their teaching goals. They can track and compare student performance, recognizing those who exhibit exceptional proficiency with minimal errors, while also identifying students who may require additional support based on error frequency. Detailed insights into individual student conversations for each assignment empower teachers to provide targeted feedback and personalized guidance. Students benefit from a user-friendly interface that presents: Access to personalized role-play assignments directly on their assignment page, where they can seamlessly engage in immersive conversations with AI. Each interaction is accompanied by immediate feedback, highlighting errors in vocabulary, grammar, or tone, facilitating continuous improvement during the learning process. The platform supports flexibility, allowing students to pause assignments and resume at their convenience, ensuring a tailored and effective learning journey.

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