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Codestral Hackathon: 24 Hours Challenge Summary

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Hackathon Overview

Our AI hackathon brought together a diverse group of participants, who collaborated to develop a variety of impressive projects based on:






AI Applications

Winners and Finalists

  • We are in the process of selecting the finalist teams.
  • Your voice matters! Vote on your favorite projects in the section below.
  • Join us for the winner announcement stream, which will be streamed live on Twitch.

This event has now ended, but you can still register for upcoming events on lablab.ai. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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Submitted Concepts, Prototypes and Pitches

Submissions from the teams participating in the Codestral Hackathon: 24 Hours Challenge event and making it to the end 👊

Help to spread the word and share these amazing projects!

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RefactorGenie, your code refactor genie. Making code smart and efficient for everyone.

Team AI

Mistral AIstreamlit

QueryMaster - AI driven SQL composer

An advanced AI-driven system utilizing genAI, NLP, Codestral model and Python to autonomously generate SQL queries based on a user-provided MySQL connection.

Neural Ninjas

AI/ML APIText Generation Web UI
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Universal Code Obfuscator

Automatically obfuscates code uploaded, supporting almost every programming language.


streamlitMistral AI
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Code Sculptor

Code Sculptor is an AI-driven tool that enhances code quality by automatically debugging, analyzing, and refactoring code for various programming languages. It saves time, ensures code readability,and helps developers maintain high standards effortlessly.


streamlitMistral AI


The project automates software documentation using an LLM, improving efficiency and consistency. It analyzes code, generates detailed docs, and updates automatically, reducing manual effort for developers.


langflowMistral AIAI/ML API

Code Assist plus

Code Assist+ boosts dev speed with AI & NLP. Review, debug, document, convert code effortlessly. Powered by Codestral.

Brainstorm Brigade

Mistral AILangChainstreamlit

AI-Powered Code Generation Revolution

Revolutionizing software development using Mistral AI and Codere model. Our project create a virtual development department, enhancing efficiency and collaboration through AI-generated code and automated developer robots in a Telegram group setup

Hadox Human Networks

Mistral AI
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Welcome to CodeSage 💻🧙‍♂️ The ultimate interactive debugging tool.


streamlitMistral AI
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King Coder

King Coder is a web application that is powered by Codestral from MistralAI. It is a one-stop solution to all the problems faced by coders, be it anyone (professionals, learners or market leaders). Helps to write code, practice DSA, translate code etc.


streamlitMistral AILlama 3
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CodeMentor AI

CodeMentor AI: An interactive coding platform using Codestral by Mistral AI. Features include interactive C++ tutorials, project-based learning, performance analytics, a code playground, Track progress and improve with personalized plans.

Tech Titens

Mistral AIstreamlit
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Cocoding Advance All-in-One Software Builder

Cocoding Advance All-in-One Software Builder harnesses AI power to simplify complex software development, enabling users to create intricate applications swiftly. With Codestral and LangChain, it empowers both novices and seasoned developers alike.

Cocoding by Mistral

Mistral AILangChainGPT-3.5


Our project automates the conversion of wireframes into Python code using advanced language models like LLaMA3 and Codestral, along with the Django framework. This integration streamlines software development, enhances accuracy, and boosts productivity.

Cat Astronaut

Llama 3streamlitMistral AI
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Zax Code Assistant

Zax Code Assistant is a chatbot designed to generate code snippets and assist with coding tasks. It uses Mistral’s AI API, Flask, Langchain, python on the backend, and HTML,CSS and Javascript.

Code Xappers

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Schedule Assistant

it gives the schedule about all the tasks and events of our daily life

AI Avengers


CodeBlast Dream Catcher

CodeBlast Dream Catcher proposes an alternative approach to searching multidimensional space for knowledge based on 8 principles.


ClarifaiGemini AIOpenGPTsMistral AI
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Smart Coder

Smart Coder is an AI-powered assistant build using Codestral to automate code reviews, generate intelligent snippets, create comprehensive test cases, and produce detailed documentation. It enhances code quality and speeds up development.


Mistral AIstreamlitOpenAI


CodeBaseBuddy with Codestral is a privacy-preserving tool for semantic code search and accelerated onboarding. Leveraging Ollama’s locally deployed Codestral, it guides users through tasks in new codebases, enhancing onboarding time and learning



RAG Powered Code Generation and Integration

Uses Mistral Codestral to generate code, integrated into the node editor, and the AI. Powered by RAG can use the code it generated back then and integrates it to its own brain.


Mistral AITogether AIVectara


This Streamlit application is a comprehensive code assistant powered by Mistral AI. It provides four main features: code translation, code generation, code snippet completion, and code documentation generation.

AI Blossom 2024

Mistral AI

CodeMate - Your Coding Companion

Codemate is an AI-powered chatbot that provides instant, tailored assistance to programmers of all levels. Get your code checked, fix errors, and learn faster. Troubleshoot errors and get unstuck quickly. Codemate is always there to help you code/


Mistral AIstreamlit