Feedbag Agrihub

Created by team Feedbag Agrihub on May 14, 2024

Feedbag Agrihub is a multipurpose blockchain-powered marketplace that connects and reward farmers, aggregators and consumers. Utilizing IOT, A.I and ML to solve issue of food waste, post-harvest loss and inefficient supply chain management. With a mission to revolutionize the way we grow, distribute and consume food, while maintaining sustainability, equity and nutrition from farm2table. On CAF education: we are enabling farmers to monitor and manage their crops, predict/estimate their yields, marketplace optimization to analyze buyers behavior, market trends, and supply-demand to optimize pricing strategies, quality control and authentication: Ai powered image recognition and sensor technologies to verify quality and authenticity of agricultural products, reducing risks of fraud and ensuring product integrity.

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"You're tackling significant issues in agriculture with a mix of soilless farming and blockchain. However, the concept seems complex and might be hard for farmers to adopt quickly. Focus on simplifying the user experience and proving the system’s reliability in real-world tests. Great potential, but make sure the tech doesn’t overshadow practical usability."


Ismail Ahmed