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Created by team Fastflow on April 28, 2023

Our project is an AI-powered website builder that helps startups and freelancers validate their ideas quickly and easily by generating a preview of their website in seconds. According to a survey from there are every year 300 million new startups. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and requires no coding skills, making it accessible to everyone. To accomplish this, we use several technologies and frameworks, including FastAPI, RediDB, Langchain, Python, json, A21 API, and Stable Diffusion. By leveraging AI technology, we offer a unique and competitive solution in the website builder market, with the potential to disrupt the industry.

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"Such a nice niche, with further great work might become a game changer 🤩"


Liza Marchuk

"Great and useful idea!"


Rita Svitlychenko